What is a Romantic?

Th Romantic: The lover of elegance past 

Byron was obsseed with the beauty of the past, and sought to recatpure it in his poetry, dress and lifestyle

Chopin: famous Romantic composer 

 Keats: A Romantic poet

Percy Shelley: friend of Byron, and famous Romantic poet. He almost co-founded Romanticism with Byron

 Beethoven: his music invoked the greatness of the past

A modern Romantic seeking to recapture past elegance

The Romantic loves elegance. Like the Dandy he wished to embody it, and like the Decadent he finds it full of pleasure. He sees past ages, and the elegance they contained, and he wants to weep: how could such elegance be lost! The Romantic loves elegance and wants capture it, hold on to it, keep it forever...let other share it, and appreciate it.

The Romantic has the Gothic temperament par excellence.

The Romantic sees the beauty of the wigs, lace, and embroidery of the 18th Century, the tall hats, fine silk and expert tailoring of the 19th Century, and smooth clean stripes, bent hats, and dark ties of the 20th Century, and simply cannot bear to let that go...to slide into history, and become memory. The Romantic will seek to recreate, to inhabit, to surround himself with the elegance that once was in hoped of keeping it alive, of passing it on, untarnished, to future generations.

Th Romantic will frequently have a collection of outfits from past eras and will love to go to events where such dress is appreciated; and some will go so far as to wear them everyday [thought then they go from Romantic, to eccentric/Aesthete].

The true Romantic will dress well, and maybe salt and pepper his outfit with little trappings of a bygone era [a hat, watch chain, shoes, etc.]. But he will always be ready for an outing where he can dress in his finery and recreate the era in question.

The Romantic is possibly the most pleasant of the dandies to be around. Not as sang froid as a modern dandy who would have little patience for retro fashion, nor as self possessed as the Aesthete, and frequently more polite [and definitely more subtle] than the Decadent. This genre of dandy is friendly with all who appreciate elegance they way they do, or at least don't mind hearing about it.

If you meet a Romantic dandy, compliment their style, or appreciate their taste; you'll have a friend for life.