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Social Incontinence

Social Incontinence



The soft infantilism of the modern western era has bred a “special” type of person- a person that suffers from “Social Incontinence”. This can be described as a lack of personal space perception and a serious misunderstanding that everyone wants to appreciate your so-called unique character. This folly involves several delusions- the main one being that the individual has contagious charm which should be broadcasted to everyone they meet. It also includes narcissistic obsession with ones own personality (the idea being that it is “unique”) and worship of the ego disguised as spiritual seeking/seeking of the true self.


One can observe the degenerate culture of the sacred cows of self absorption in action wherever you go. The dull glassy look of the androgynous, sloppy drones who babble or stare into their phones in grocery stores but do not even look at their fellow citizens. The dumpy woman in sweat pants who loudly tells her friends a personal story in line at the coffee shop. The vacant, slouching hordes of people with headphones staring into space either driving obliviously on the highway or crowding public transportation. This vacuous atmosphere is also apparent in recent immigrants, with their arms stupidly grasping at the American Dream in the guise of a big screen television and ugly tract home. They traipse between their own “poorer” worlds into the newer cultural void of the Western landscape but are never taught any manners, out pseudo “respect” for their ignorant bubble of perspective.


      The affliction is partially founded upon the conditions of casualness which have been encouraged mainly since the end of World War Two. Presentation and ceremony have lapsed completely and nothing has taken their place.

Social Incontinence includes encouraging infantile self obsession (a personality stuck in the phase of the “terrible twos” of toddlerism), vulgarity in female behavior (Lolita/harlot idols, promiscuity, and crude language), and presentation of the social self as exempt from censure. The ideal of indulging ones “real” self has resulted in a socially inept culture based on addiction to constant entertainment and ego affirmation (self-help).


     One of the skills that must be learned before being considered a mature adult is self control under discomfort and judgment of ones actions before actually taking them. Social Incontinence is in essence a cult of casualness based on laziness. A desire for false naturalism and a “safe world” without painful consequence have led us down a path of narcissism and disintegration.


One of the definitions of the word culture is “The set of shared attitudes, values, goals, and practices that characterizes an institution, organization or group”.

A central factor of Americanized Western Culture for the last 40 years has been focused on “embracing diversity” (basically an advanced version of apathy disguised as tolerance in propaganda) which is being taught in public spheres such as schools. The rise of this curriculum is mirrored in the fall of social expectations and standards. Children receive a minimal training in “getting along” but almost nothing in interior discipline, appropriate vocal control, or the etiquette of clothing oneself according to an occasion. The etiquette expectations are lowered to basic hygiene and discouraging criminal behavior.


    Matthew Arnold (Culture and Anarchy) is quoted as saying “[culture is] the best which has been thought and said" Although this would be considered an example of ethnocentric or Eurocentric thought by most contemporary scholars, it points to the possibility that the concepts of culture has been destroyed by democratizing it.

 The “everyman” has come to consider all his/her feelings and deeds to be both equally as important and interesting – and it is their “right” to make them known. The interest of the individuals psychological “needs”- in this case a thumb sucking desire to be the center of attention- has taken importance over the ideal of having a cohesive group. 

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