My Mistress-My Mistrust

an essay on misanthropy and misogyny 


The lies of feminism and equality (and our belief that they can lead to freedom) have damaged what was once a strong line of truly reciprocal connections and relationships between men and women.

It is in her inherent feminine allure that a woman’s power lays, and it is this strength that causes men to both desire and despise. For this, she can be either courted, admired, and respected (long term) or pursued, bedded, and discarded (short term). She cannot have both.

 The nature of the masculine character is passionate, territorial, and competitive.  Property (and everything is either yours or not yours in essence), be it an emotional or physical investment is valued by it being exclusive to the individual. This also applies to genetic family, friends, pets, et cetera.

Property held in common, be it a lover or a friend, becomes less valuable the more it is shared and the more distant it becomes. Oddly, although the “Women’s Liberation/Feminism movement” revolts at the idea of ladies being property, yet these same feminists will bemoan the fact that men who happen to be their husbands are “cheating” on them, as though they owned them through marriage.

It is through the exclusivity of a relationship that emotional and physical investment is made. If no seed of attachment/affection beyond the initial chase and passion of capture is planted, a sort of aloofness will ensue instead. This is the instinctual timeline that one night stands and polyamory are situated in – as much as a man may value his “multiple mistresses” or “bar-room dollies” for the pleasure they bring he will be a lot less likely to either exert any extra energy for them or remain emotionally connected. That is not a property he wishes his heart to “own”, as it is likely to be in someone else’s arms tomorrow.

The ideals of “freedom” under the terms that feminism describes as “equality” is a pipe dream that does not consider the realities of the human psyche. Part of a man’s investment in caring about someone is a desire to protect them, and an asexual partner standing with hands-on-hips demanding submission will not illicit this commitment. To demand (and demanding will bring nothing but hostility from masculine parties) that a man both make an emotional investment in a relationship and yet permit his “beloved” to emasculate the specific devotions which he offers is destructive to any relationship that may develop. A lady who lets herself be what would be considered “weak and dependant” in this day and age wields more power and will gain more respect (congeniality not submission) from men than any “tom boy” woman can ever hope to verbally beat into them or any open-legged  playmate might drain from their wallets.

In history there have been attempts by women to gain power over men through sexuality, namely the professional courtesans, who blended feminine seduction with intellectual companionship. Unfortunately, none of these expensive harlots could keep the financial sponsorship or the hearts of the men they caught – no matter how attractive their fleshly property was. Most died in poverty and misery, and deservedly so. Any lady who cannot see the writing on the wall of instinctual and intellectual truth, ignoring her strengths and refusing to appreciate her innate “weaknesses” that could make her secure belongs on her island of lonely independence.