Charles Baudelaire and others have described the concept of the dandy as ‘Flâneur’; a certain way of people-watching in urban locations that examines both the general/city-wide aspects as well as the particular/individual aspects (often simultaneously) of the city and the populace. Those wishing to know more about the concept of the Flâneur can examine the link below, which describes the subtleties of this art-form much more eloquently than myself:




However, there is a particular type of forensic voyeurism or even ‘psychic vampirism’ that becomes possible as one becomes more adept at being an accomplished Flâneur. This is the subject of the following poem which examines in great detail, this latter and more sinister type of Flâneur. I have left the English translation unrhymed, so as not to sacrifice the meaning and intent the poem for the sake of a strictly aesthetic criterion: