Film shoot & New Orleans


 This afternoon I've been asked to accompany Ed Archer with his 1906 Locomobile on a film shoot. From what we gather the film is being directed or produced by David Arquette and the segment Ed and "Leo" the Locomobile will be in takes place in "1912." I know a little more about location, but I don't know if that is wise to give that information out; when I find out the film's title I'll post it here. I'm dressing period, but I'm not guaranteed to be in it; but it should be interesting none the less.

Another fun thing that is happening for our family is that one of my favorite cousins on the Jenkins side is getting married, and she is doing it in New Orleans; I leave in a few weeks! This will be my first time to Nouvelle O'rleans, and I hear that the weather this time of year should be great! This cousin is Peter Frampton's manager, and she has been for around nine years now. I guess she and her fiance have many things planned at various great spots, but the piece d' resistance is that they are renting out an exclusive part of the House of Blues for the reception, so it's sure to be quite the party! I have no idea if Peter is playing, but we are scheduled to see a great horn player who sounds a lot like Louis Armstrong ("Old Sach Mo"). Last I spoke with her, she made a mention that she's will also be managing more clients again, not just exclusively Peter anymore. Years ago when she lived in Los Angeles she used to work with Cyndi Lauper under Warner Bros; she gave us an early version of Cyndi's 'Hat Full Of Stars" album.

Anyways, I'm looking forward to the film shoot and the wedding.


 More info:

The title of the film is called, 'The Butler's In Love,' and was created by David Arquette and was shown at the Cannes Film Festival a few days ago; it's in 3D. When David and Courtney got married at Grace Cathedral in San Francisco a couple of years ago, they had dinner at Bix Restaurant near Pacific Ave in the Old Barbary Coast, and they noticed a painting hanging on the wall that was done by Mark Stock titled the very same as the movie; Mark actually played a Magician in the film The film took three days to shoot and it revolves around a butler and his love for his Madame and Absinthe; funny thing since "j'adore Absinthe!" LOL Anyways, it also stars Elizabeth Berkely, (I was introduced to her but it didn't click that's who I was talking too, and I didn't see her at the wrap party at DNA that night; featuring Le Tourment Absinthe); and Jane Siebel.

This was in the SF Chronicle by Leah Garchick's column in the SF Chronicle this morning?
Page E2, May 14. It reads:

Cinesource, a new monthly magazine about Bay Area filmmakers, reports that a painting by West Oakland's Mark Stock, whose works are shown at the Modernism Gallery in San Francisco, was the inspiration for a David Arquette 3-D film shot recently at the Westerfield mansion at the corner of Fulton and Scott.

Arquette saw the painting, "The Butler's in Love", hanging at Bix restaurant in San Francisco. It became the basis for the 12-minute film, starring Elizabeth Berkley, Richmond Arquette, Thomas Jane and Jennifer Siebel.

Also, Paul Ruebens has something to do with the movie, not entirely sure what? But, yeah "Pee Wee."

I've been finding out a lot from a really great Producer I met on set named Cindy Warner; really a wealth of information a really cool.

As for the wedding: New Orleans was a blast! My cousin and her new husand rock! We stayed in the French Quarter at the Dauphin Orleans, and missed Jazz Fest by a week. We went to Von's near the Ninth Ward on Friday night to try and catch Kermit Ruffins playing, but he cancelled last minute, so we saw another Jazz band. The practice a really great tradition, at 1 AM the whole place stops and they serve everyone red beans and rice! We had met for dinner where I had two beers a shot of Jaeger, then we went to Pat O'Briens (we had the exclusive little room there) I had two Hurricanes, then a Margarita at Vons! LOL I woke up a little slow, but no headache! Yeah! Then if was off to Oak Alley, I was dressed 1920s in my white linen knickerbockers, and double breasted jacket. The tour guides were really impressed, and had their photos taken with me; I would have liked to have spent more time there, but the bus was leaving, I found a great antique cameo stick pin, and had two Mint Juleps; just to take the edge off the night before! I met a few people on the bus ride back to the French Quarter from Orange County and they own a bar called Fling. We had a great time talking on the way back. I took a great tour of historic New Orleans, and another city tour and one cemetery. We ate at ACME Oyster House, Central Grocery (Mufelleta fame) Cafe du Monde, Gumbo Shop, Deanies for a crawfish boil on Mother's Day and the House of Blues... Oh, the wedding was in the back of House of Blues under a Voodoo sign! LOL The reception was upstairs and we ate and danced for a few hours, where I met Peter Frampton and his wife and daughter; all really nice people; and they love my cousin. We are trying to get my cousin Lisa and her husband to come out when he comes in July, since it's been about sixteen years since she was last here. We later had access to the Foundation Room, which was like a Turkish Opium den, which one of my sisters mentioned that the one in Las Vegas cost a member $100,000 a year; can't say if New Orleans is comperable, so maybe Peter helped us out with a few phone calls; I don't know...
All in all, I must say, New Orleans is crazy nuts! Too bad I didn't see it before Katrina hit; I mainly relied on my mom's memory. I'll post photos when I have time to process all of them. Speaking of which, I've collected a few bottles of choice alcohol to recreate a few great drinks from that city, Sazerac, Pimm's Cup, and Ramos Gin Fizz; may your glass never be empty!

Laisse le bon temps rouler!