Decadence in dress


That the mere sight of me might inspire desire 

Dress is domain of the Dandy, to be well dressed and to inspire with fashion: with the Decadent it is a little different. For him it is a question inspiring pleasure; it should truly be a pleasure to look at him- not only a pleasure, but almost an experience. The Decadent's fashion should be rich, colorful [a little gaudy] and inspire an almost tactile admiration. Let the man who would inspire such admiration choose carefully his fabrics. He may choose velvet [something the dandy must approach with something tantamount to fear], he may choose leather, and he may choose silk. He may also have his choice form the myriad of colors both rich and subtle, however let him remember the golden rule of dress:

Generally there are four color  trends which match [at least roughly] the four seasons, and are in fact named for them. 

Winter: I'll begin here as it's the first season in the calendar year [not the fiscal year, but we're talking about Dandies who generally overlook such trivialities].  Winter colors tend to be darker, and more jewel toned. black, grey, dark blue, and dark red usually make up the canon. These colors make for  a gaunt look and are very dignified looking. Formal wear is almost exclusively "winter" in its flavor. Older gentlemen will generally wear a great deal of "winter" outfits as it gives them a dignified look.

Spring: With the warmer weather [or a warmer attitude] comes the spring look. This look is most known for pastels, and tweeds. Lighter colors and soft hues it gives a pleasant and youthful look to the man who wears it. Younger men [or the young at heart] can wear Spring outfits and it will give them a friendly youthful look. This look may make an older man look "juvenile" so care needs to be taken when choosing this lighter style. 

Summer: The bright and light. This style is for fun and energy. Colors are whites,  yellows, light reds, and light blues. This style is for fun and betrays no solemnity or real dignity. A man over 50 really cannot wear much "summer" wear, as it makes him look very eccentric.

Fall:  On a  somber not the "fall" style is full of darker jewel tones, and even more textured fabrics make this style fairly versatile. Rich browns, dark/brick reds, dark blues and greens are "fall" colors. This is a very popular style with many peacocks because of the rich color combinations it allows.  This style really is among the most versatile as it is fairly easy to create an appealing ensemble with a mixture of dark earth tones and jewel tones. 

The key is to knowing what style you like, what goes best with your personal make up, and putting together outfits that compliment you, rather than stand out in spite of you

To  these he may add purple, orange [especially is he's redhead], more black than the Dandy, and above all, red. With these colors he can create combinations that are more evocative and flashy than the Dandy would, subtlety is not his goal. Let him be especially choosy in the realm of accessories, and let his accessories match, and be flashy- in fact a Decadents real flash will come from his accessories.  Pocket handkerchiefs, boutonnières, jewelry, and sometimes even gloves make nice touches. A decadent should make sure his outfits keep to a particular style [a given decade in the 20th Century for example], because to mix and natch too much risks looking so eccentric as to be ridiculous.

Take as your guide, a real modern decadent Doran Wittlesbach

The final outcome should be a self portrait any dandy would be proud of, just more flamboyant and visually stunning that the dandy would dare.