Decadence and Women


The admiration of the female is as old as refinement itself, yet today’s world seems to have forgotten why she is to be admired


Men's admiration of the female form is as old an idea as shaving his beard, and comes even more naturally.  The desire of men to see, and have contact with the gentle members of the opposite sex ranks among the pleasures that men most treasure, and frequently will go to great lengths to obtain.

Even regarding this most discreet pleasure, elegance must be maintained for a man to be refined, as no dandy would be caught dead admiring a woman, as Oscar Wilde aptly put it "of no importance". When admiring females, and the female form, it is most important to admire that gracefulness which makes one woman beautiful, while avoiding that which makes another woman bawdy, one refined, the other common. So what are those characteristics? Let's taker a look.

The physical dignity of a woman is that aspect of her body which she hones and perfects and which gives her that allure which separates her form other women. Every woman has the same basic parts, what makes one more beautiful than another is the care she puts into her physical presence, and manners. It is that physical grace of a woman actions and manners that make her attractive individually, and sparks desire in men.

The world of pornography today has become so common place that one can barely go to the grocery store, video store, or clothes shopping without seeing what would have been considered pornography 40-50 years ago. With that kind of saturation, seeing a woman's body has become almost commonplace, and hence the ability to appreciate it has been lost to a certain extent.

It is not the youth of a woman's body that makes it attractive, nor its muscle tone, and those who appreciate simply these aspects are more attracted by physical energy/strength of the body, and not the fact that it is female, not the fact that she is graceful or svelte. The skin of women is truly different form that of men, it softness and flower like construction are part of the what makes it appreciable, in fact to simply enjoy the visual impact of a woman dress in skin-tight clothing is only to enjoy the most rudimentary elements: which while certainly admirable lack the depth of appreciation that a refined, decadent eye can appreciate.

A woman's character is also an important element of true feminine appreciation.  I do not here speak of the modern feminist concept of a woman's ability to succeed in academic endeavors, nor business, nor really even social situations per se.  I speak here of her ability to be pleasing is speak, charming in conversation, modest in critique, and discreet in any situation. A woman of character should never embarrass, nor shock nor scandalize; her manners should be naturally gracious and polite. A woman worthy of admiration should attract those who speak to her, or have contact with her by her charm and pleasant style.

When it comes to a woman's body it is her presentation which is most important. If she is intimate with you, then her nudity should be appreciated, and she can wear fashion which expose her body. In public, a certain amount of modesty is more desirable: if she dresses in public as if she were intimate, she becomes cheap and and will only inspire lust, not true admiration. A woman worthy of refined admiration should only hint to the fact that she is either busty or  skinny, showing off too much for her body, or wearing things that reveal her curves will again only inspire lust, not admiration. It is the ensemble of the composition that leads a man to be intoxicated with her whole nature, and not to just desire her immediate form. An outfit might show a little off here and there, but there is a fine line between classy-risqu, and trashy. If she does wear something a little revealing, it should be tempered with subtlety int he rest of the ensemble.  There are of course certain events and parties where this rule can be bend quite a bit,  but then again those events do not fall into what is considered "public' and so the  same rules do not apply.

 In private do not forget that every part of her should be admired. It is truly vulgar to only interest yourself in her vaginal area, or breast area, or to concentrate on any particular aspect you admire to the exclusion of others, although more time may be spent there than others, still every inch of her form is sensitive and serves attention, especially since if done thoroughly,  she will feel more beautiful, and be further inspired to be refined. I shall not go into any more detail here, as I am sure any gentleman who tries can learn true admiration for a woman's body.