of the harmonious Female Form...

(Image:  Anonymous Artist with additional post-production PhotoShop jiggery-pokery by SSR / Dr.Bathybius, 2008)

The bodies of the males of the species Homo Sapiens have always struck me as very haphazardly assembled and inharmonious. However the females of this same species seem to have been fashioned with almost musical cadences in their contours; each curve leads to another and yet another, each in a different tempo, like the delicate alembics of a plucked guitar string changing its physical vibrations as each note either shortens or lengthens its frequency.

In Charles Baudelaire's poem 'The Giantess' ('La Géante'), he fantasizes about lying with a woman many times his own size, so that he might explore every valley, every high promontory as he would an exotic, yet belovèd landscape, full of mystery and unexpected pleasures. So too, has our author below: the Belgian André Fontainas, described his paramour's charms in terms of not only shape, but radiant light...




Lys et roses, visage épanoui, chair fraîche,

Prunelles aux regards de feu si caressants,

Lèvres où le jour luit, palpitantes d'accents

Lents comme la Musique ou prompts comme la flèche,

Brûlez en mon esprit, vision rose et fraiche !


Chevelure où se jouent les frisons du soleil

Que mes regards n'ont pu supporter sans brûlure,

o molle, étourdissante et blonde chevelure,

Foyer d'astres ardents, torrent d'amour vermeil,

Oh! submergez mon cœur, tumultueux soleil!


Ongles resplendissants de nacre et de lumière,

Mains fines aux douceurs étranges, bras sculptés

Par un artiste dieu, modeleur de beautés,

Grâce du corps passant la grâce coutumière,

Aveuglez mes yeux, flots de vivante lumière!


o forme impérissable, ô buste harmonieux,

Idéale poitrine aux lignes impassibles,

Taille onduleuse ainsi que les vagues flexibles,

J'ai pour vous un amour violent et pieux :

Fraîcheurs, soleil, lumière, ô corps harmonieux!



André Fontainas (1887)






Lilies and roses, face in full bloom, cool flesh, 

Pupils with fiery glances so caressing, 

Lips where the day gleams, trembling with accents, 

Slow as Music or swift as the arrow, 

Burns into my mind, this pink, cooling vision! 


Hair where the sun’s rays cavort and caper, 

Which my gaze could not bear without catching afire, 

Oh soft, stunning blonde hair, 

Home of ardent stars, vermilion love torrent, 

Oh! Flood my heart, tumultuous sun! 


Resplendent, nacreous fingernails of light, 

Fine hands possessing strange delicacies, arm sculpted 

By an artist god, fashioner of beauties, 

Body whose grace surpasses common elegance, 

Blind my eyes, streams of living light! 


Oh imperishable shape, oh harmonious breasts, 

Ideal bust with contour impassive, 

Sinuous dimensions conjoining supple waves, 

I have for you a violent and devout love: 

Freshness, sun, light, oh harmonious body!


André Fontainas (1887)


(Traduction Anglaise: Sardonique Schadenfreude Rictus / Dr. Bathybius, 2008)