A Compliment to Dandyism


           There is very little literature written about Dandyism by ladies, and with good reason. Practicing Dandyism is strictly for men, despite whatever protests you might hear from various cross-dressing females. This desire of women to dress like a dandy is simply jealousy, a feminist desire for a masculine power they cannot attain. Male elegance has a unique essence that women cannot imitate. In reality, to attempt such is an insult to the ideals of Dandyism. Ladies have the auspices of natural feminine allure, and a profusion of historic frou-frou to draw from - they really do not need to plunder the philosophical peacock feathers of the dandy.

     From the refined ladies viewpoint, the Dandy is the perfect man; a man who defines elegance by projecting grace and aristocratic taste through dressing well and exhibiting gentlemanly manners. Dressing well is not a simple matter of just putting on a clean shirt, or even having an eccentric male fashion plate as your daily inspiration. The Dandy will combine perfectly the clean lines of fashionable simplicity with a foundation of historical panache, creating a look that is unique if only in the fact that it stands alone as benchmark among the sloppy rags of  common modern Neanderthals. Some who call themselves Dandies are in fact exhibitionists or whores of haberdashery - donning clashing, loud colors or wearing a few dashing articles with a metro-sexual Euro-trash ensemble. This is not true Dandyism; it is a symptom of blind egotistic indulgence. A dandy is always in control of himself, showing an exacting level of civilized manners and dress in all situations - he is never a clown. He aspires to follow the canons of understated, subtle elegance which are the (almost lost) masculine apex of Western Civilization.

   Back to the subject of the ladies role in complementing, rather than competing with, the Dandy. A lady should strive to accomplish and appreciate femininity, a lost art in these dark days of hoochie mammas and low-cut jeans. Start by collecting a wardrobe of classical, Victorian/ Edwardian style (or even styles 1920s to 40s glamour) skirts and blouses and letting your hair grow a little longer. Try to be an ornament, rather than a trophy, at a gentleman's side. Take a look at your mannerisms and uproot any crass, modern habits that were taken on from being raised in a feminist world. If you are portly, develop a renewed sense of self control and strive for a more petite frame. Let the gentleman Dandy be the leader, and see if they don't develop a sudden affection for you with your more genteel, ladylike behavior. A man who desires you to wear "blingy" outfits and slut-wear is not really valuing you so much as projecting vulgar inward pornography and actually demeaning his masculinity in the process. 

   The lady, being both the  ornament and subtle  magnifier  of the Dandy's panache, can become a jewel in the crown of  true elegance.  In this responsibility, she must embody  feminine grace, bearing mutual admiration for  Dandyism and coexisting beside  that exclusively masculine kingdom where it reigns.